At the Professional Athletic Performance Center, not only does our staff utilize the latest evidence-based research when training our athletes, we participate in the research process as well.  Click on the links below to read some of the scholarly articles written by our staff members.

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A Simple Test for Glute Activity

ACL Running Progression

If Your Post-Operative Knee Athlete Lacks Confidence, Post Them Up

Strength Training for the Shoulder: Should Throwing Athletes Lift Weights Overhead?

Considerations in Athletic Performance Enhancement Training: How Much Strength Do Our Athletes Need?

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Four Reasons Why Athletes Must Sprint

Should the Rehab and Strength and Conditioning Professional Abandon “Traditional” Bi-lateral Leg Exercise for Single Leg Exercise Performance?

Heavy Weight Room Intensities for the Post-Rehab Athlete

Loading our athletes

Important Considerations During Rehabilitation

Athlete Weight Room Preparation

A Simple Tip to Assist in the Development of the Physical Quality of Explosive Strength During Lower Extremity Rehabilitation

A Simple Tip for Olympic Weightlifting Training

Ankle Sprains

Patch Chat With Peter Menges

Returning to Sport after Knee Surgery