5 Tricks to get you ready for Halloween Treats

5 Tricks to get you ready for Halloween Treats

Halloween is the one day of the entire year when it is perfectly acceptable to dress up in costume and eat as much candy as you desire. Many overlook the physical demands that come with this fun holiday.  Luckily for you, the Professional Athletic Performance Center has come to the rescue.  We’ll get all the superheros, pirates and princesses ready for all the tricks and treats they can handle! 

Farmer’s Carry

If you are planning on bringing in a big haul this Halloween, farmer’s carry will prepare you for carrying those heavy bags of candy from house-to-house.

Farmer’s Carry:  Hold two dumbbells at your side and walk slowly 25 yards. Do this three times.

Farmers carry small


It is often noted  that houses with lots of steps leading to the front door have the best candy!

Step-ups will activate your quad and glute muscles required to climb the stairs to chocolate glory.

Get yourself ready by walking up and down a flight of 10 steps.

Step up small

Sled Pull  

Get more candy then you can carry? The sled pull simulates the strength and endurance it takes to pull a wagon overflowing with treats.

Sled pull small

Wind Sprints

You remember what house gave out the best candy last year, and you’re determined to go back!  Beat the other kids to the house by practicing sprinting!

Just make sure to stay on sidewalks and look both ways before crossing the street.

running small


Russian twists are sure to get you looking like Superman in no time! Do three sets of 10 reps.

core cropped

Most importantly, have fun and be safe this Halloween!