The Professional Athletic Performance Center was founded in 2005 with a dual goal: to provide youth, adult, and elite athletes with the tools they need to take their athletic abilities to the next level, and to provide patients of Professional Physical Therapy with a full continuum of care that lasts beyond the rehabilitation process.

The Professional Athletic Performance Center is a 20,000 square foot professional-grade indoor facility, equipped with turf field, 55-meter track, multi-purpose court, and Olympic weight room designed for athletes to improve their Agility, Speed, Strength, and Conditioning.  Not only is our equipment state-of-the-art, but our Performance Coaches and Trainers specialize in various training methods and sport-specific program design, and each has a background in injury prevention and care. Our multi-purpose facility provides the ideal setting for clientele of all fitness levels. In addition to our unique facility design, our wide range of services offered ensures that each of our clients has the ability to work within their schedule and budget to achieve their personal fitness goals.

Our multi-component programs enhance your natural ability by customizing a Training Program to suit your current performance level and sport of choice.

As part of our commitment to advances in the field of Sports Performance and Rehabilitation, and the standard of care we demand from our employees, Professional has launched Professional Seminars, a Continuing Education program for those in the field of Sports Medicine. We also host Coaches’ Clinics, which provide athletes, coaches, fitness professionals, and allied health professionals the opportunity to discuss the latest trends in the fitness industry with today’s leading experts.

Other services offered by Professional include Physical Therapy and Athletic Training Services.

Our programs are so successful, we offer a free trial session. Athletes begin training in expert-designed groups based on current athletic ability and projected performance level goals.  We specifically work to optimize skills for particular sports, so each and every athlete gets the maximum impact from his or her time in the program.