Basketball Training Guide

Basketball Training Guide

Basketball season will be here before you know it. Have you put in the necessary work to play your best come tip-off? Lucky for you, there is still time to get in the gym and save your season. We caught up with Phil Giackette, a sports performance coach at Professional Athletic Performance Center (PAPC), to see how he gets his basketball athletes ready for the season.

Giackette likes to start his athletes off by putting them through a speed and agility program to work on their footwork. Being tall is not enough to ensure you are able to snag a rebound or throw down a highlight reel dunk. Exercises such as squats or deadlifts will increase lower body strength that will help a player dunk, rebound or box out an opponent.

Finally, and most importantly, Giackette trains his athletes’ overall condition.

“Basketball players will need to get up and down the court while playing at as high a level in the last five minutes of game as they played in the first five minutes,” said Giackette. “Basketball is a nice mix of anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. Players will need to make sure they can keep up with the fast pace and a fevered finish.”

“At the PAPC we offer every opportunity to get better as a basketball athlete,” said Giackette. “We have a state-of-the-art weight room, a hardwood court where athletes can do speed and agility drills, and some of the best strength and conditioning specialists that design programs so that a player is ready for tip-off.”

Phil Giackette’s Basketball Workout

  • Dynamic warm-up—10 minutes
  • Speed and agility drills—10-15 minutes
  • Weight-room for Strength Training and injury prevention—30-40 minutes
  • Conditioning—10-15 minutes
  • Core and stretching—10 minutes

Phil Giackette, B.S., CSCS, USA-W, is a former Division I distance runner and Hofstra University graduate.