Are You Experiencing Nagging Lower Back Pain?

With all of the hustle and bustle, heavy lifting, and shoveling that goes on during the holiday season and the winter months that follow, it’s no surprise that many people experience lower back pain.

Our fitness experts at the Professional Athletic Performance Center want to help you combat that pain!  Here are some simple exercises that can help provide some relief:

The goal is to get rid of the arch in your back, so rotate your hips so your back is flat on the ground. If a hand was underneath your back, you would want to push down against the hand. This will help you activate your core for all movements when lying down on the ground.

pelvic-tilt-start pelvic-tilt-finish-alt-bent-knee-raise-start

Start with a pelvic tilt to activate your core.  Then alternate raising your knee to your chest and back down.  Repeat on the other side and alternate legs as you go.

pelvic-tilt-finish-alt-bent-knee-raise-start alt-bent-knee-raise-finish

Bring legs off the ground while keeping knees bent approximately 90 degrees, with your back flat on the ground.  Lower your leg down, tapping your heel to the ground and back. Repeat on the other side and alternate legs as you go.

alt-heel-taps-start alt-heel-taps-finish

Start the same way as you do the Alternate Heel Taps.

Lower both legs and tap heels to the ground and back up.

double-heel-taps-start double-heel-taps-finish


These exercises have been designed to help decrease minor lower back pain.  Be sure to speak to a medical professional if your pain worsens, or if you suspect you might have an injury. Perform 3 sets of 10 for each before you profess to the next exercise. Once you can do 30 reps with no break for each exercise, with no issues keeping your core activated, then progress to the intermediate exercises.