• Major league players take time off from throwing, and so should you. After playing a long season of baseball, you should allow your body to recover from the stresses of the game. Take at least 3-4 weeks off from throwing a ball to allow your muscles to recover.
  • During the season, it is important that you continue to keep your whole body strong. An in-season maintenance weight training program is important. A 30-45 minute total body workout in the gym twice a week is all it takes to keep you healthy and strong.
  • It is important to maintain your strength in your hips and trunk (abs / lower back) during the off-season and in -season. Utilizing elastic bands and medicine balls are easy ways to maintain that strength.
  • Be careful of your arm and body position doing shoulder exercises with bands or tubing. If your arm and body positioning is not correct, you can be causing irritation to your bicep tendon or your rotator cuff.
  • Bench Press does not make you a better baseball player; it just makes you look better at the beach. So don’t focus so much on bench pressing, instead, work on developing your back muscles and legs to become more powerful.