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Fitness Center services provided at:

Stamford/Harvard Avenue
83 Harvard Avenue

37 Danbury Road

Specializing in Transitional Training Post – Physical Therapy

Continue to follow your Physical Therapy Program after discharge under the care and supervision of a certified healthcare provider.

Professional’s Fitness Center Programs are designed to take your rehabilitation to the next level as well as teach you exercises to minimize risk of re-injury.

Your Physical Therapist is easily accessible to maintain a dialog or pose any questions during your time at Professional Fitness Center.

How it Works

Personal Training

  • Private one-on-one training is available with programs tailored to meet the needs of each individual.
  • Assessments given to identify any musculoskeletal dysfunctions
  • Flexible scheduling is available based on client’s availability

Semi-Private Training

  • Designed for two people to work towards their fitness goals together, motivating each other, at a more affordable rate than Personal Training
  • Individualized programs allow you to progress quickly and focus on your personal aspirations.
  • Assessments given to identify any musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Small Group Classes

  • These classes are fun, motivating and create a sense of community as you work together to achieve your goals – and are at our most affordable rates!
  • Programs are adjusted to your fitness level.
  • Assessment given to identify any musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

For more information about Professional’s Fitness Center Programs,
call 203 307 4600, speak with your Physical Therapist or email