As a new client to our Athletic Performance Center, you may be unsure of which program suits YOUR needs and goals best. Our new Baseline Testing and Full Body Assessment is the perfect start to getting you the results you want!

Body Assessment


This Assessment allows one of our Performance Coaches to perform an in-depth evaluation of your current physical capabilities. The program will include an evaluation of your current fitness level, as well as identify any deficiencies or asymmetries.  Our highly trained Coaches will assess the following:

  • Flexibility:                       Passive and Active ROM from head to toe
  • Power:                             Vertical Jump, Seated Chest Pass, Sit Up and Throw
  • Strength:                         Squat 5rm, Bench 5rm, Pull-Up/Chin up, Plank
  • Linear Speed:                40 Yard Dash
  • Change of Direction:     Pro Agility (5-10-5)
  • Endurance:                     300 yard Shuttle

Our Coaches will also perform a battery of additional Functional Tests, including:

  • Overhead Deep Squat
  • Single Leg Balance
  • Bridge with Leg Extension

This Assessment serves as a key component in building an Individualized Fitness Program, as well as a benchmark to be utilized  later to measure the progress you’ve made while training with us!

After discussing the results of the Assessment with you, we will recommend the program that best suits your schedule, budget, and fitness goals.