At Professional, we pride ourselves on the Continuing Education that we provide to our staff, keeping them on the cutting-edge of new trends in Athletic Performance and Fitness.  As a result, we have the capability to implement a wide variety of Innovative Techniques within your selected Training Program.

Dartfish Analysis is a valuable analytical tool used to assess functional limitations to enhance therapeutic outcomes and improve the level of quality of your activity and/or sport.


The Throwing Analysis Program is designed for individuals who would like their Throwing Mechanics analyzed to help prevent injuries, or have begun an interval Throwing Program in their Physical Therapy sessions.

With the aid of DARTFISH™ video analysis, each Thrower’s mechanics will be recorded and evaluated for any Flexibility, Strength, or Mechanical deficiencies that may predispose them to injury. The analysis is assessed from three different angles:

  • Frontal View
  • Side View
  • Down the Line (Rear)

Once the throws are recorded, the video will be analyzed and all findings and recommendations will be given to the treating Physician and Therapist, as well as to the patient.

All assessments are by appointment only, so call 516 227 2373 for more information or to schedule an appointment.