The 12 Lifts of Christmas

The 12 Lifts of Christmas

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus makes his famous trip ’round the world delivering toys to all the good girls and boys. Jolly Old St. Nick knows he needs to be in top shape to slide down all those chimneys on Christmas Eve.

Santa worked hard all year with Performance Coach Phil Giackette. Now Phil is ready to reveal Santa’s 12 lifts of Christmas.

12. Santa likes to do squats. Mrs. Claus approves of this lift!



11. The Push Press helps Santa get those presents over the chimneys and into the house!



10. Deadlifts help Santa build a strong back which is essential for lifting his heavy sack of goodies.



9. Santa likes the Bench Press because even St. Nick cant pass up a good chest workout.


8. Roman Deadlifts strengthen Santa’s hamstrings so he can better tip-toe around with out waking anyone up.


7. Pull-ups help Santa’s grip strength. If you can do pull-ups with a stomach like a bowl full of jelly, you can hold on to the reins of your reindeer.



6. Box Jumps not only look cool, but also give Santa style points when he slides down the chimney!



5. Bicep curls… another favorite of Mrs. Claus.



4. Burpees help Santa’s explosive power. Also a favorite among those high-energy elves back at the North Pole.

DSC_0257 DSC_0258



3. Bent Over Row – – those presents aren’t getting out of the sleigh without this exercise.



2. The Clean and Jerk works on Santa’s explosiveness.



1. Santa knows the Prowler Push get him ready for when the sleigh gets stuck. AAA doesn’t cover sleighs!


Coach Phil wishes Santa and all of his clients a healthy and successful holiday season.

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By Peter Kaplan