Schnayder Termidor, Ithaca College

The Professional Athletic Performance Center helped lay the foundation to help me become the athlete that I am today. Whether it was working on learning how to sprint correctly in high school, or simply giving me a place to workout to help me reach my goals in college and in the pros.

Tyler Davis

“The facilities around here are awesome, they have everything you need. They have great trainers like Dean and Grayson who know what they are doing to get me in the best shape possible for when I go back to school.” – Tyler Davis, QB, UCONN

Jason Simon

“Tearing my Achilles’ tendon allowed me to reflect on all of life’s blessings bestowed down to me in which I’ve humbled myself to appreciate the common things that we’ve all taken for granted. Rehabbing with PAPC has helped me tremendously in restoring my ambition, drive, and dedication to perform to the best of my abilities. Every … Continued

Ronnie Cameron, Former Defensive Tackle, Philadelphia Eagles

Professional Performance is definitely one of the biggest factors in my athletic success throughout my career.  I went in a young and unpolished 16 year old and they taught me how to properly strength train and proper speed mechanics, but more than anything they taught me how to push myself beyond my limit. This carried … Continued

Vinnie Rizzo

“I have known the staff at Professional since my days at Manhasset High School and Nassau Community College. I went through some tough injuries and they did their utmost in their area of expertise to help me get better. They always kept me focused and motivated. The staff is full of enthusiastic and devoted employees. … Continued

Steve Bowen, DE Dallas Cowboys

“The high level of training was just what I needed to push me. The training sessions are challenging, and the staff at the PAPC helped me to meet all my goals going into training camp.”

Marques Colston, New Orleans Saints

“The PAPC provided me with a top shelf facility to train in. Not only is the level of coaching second to none, but the medical background of the staff provided a well-rounded approach to help me better my game. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, then the PAPC is … Continued