Nathalie Nidetch, Northeastern

picture1Coming into preseason this past summer I felt more confident in fitness than I have in a while and that has largely to do with the work I’ve done at PAPC.  Phil, since the beginning, has had a standard that he expected me to act by and it has pushed me to be a better athlete.  I’ve learned weight room etiquette, proper technique during fitness, and am constantly trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone.  Although sometimes I might not like it, I have so many people around me pushing me to do my best at all aspects and I know that it will all make me mentally tougher.  But the thing that I appreciate the most about PAPC is that it’s a big family.  You walk into PAPC and you’re welcomed by everyone whether they work with you or not, I joke around about school rivalries with my trainers, I’ve became closer with girls that I train with, and I have people who care about me as person as well as an athlete.  Even though this past summer started my first year at PAPC it won’t be my last.